Syllabus for Tradesman

Scheme :

1. There will be a written examination of one paper. The paper will be of Objective Multiple-choice-type of maximum 100 marks.

2. The paper will consist of two parts:

(a) PART-A will consist of 20 marks having question on General Science and Quantitative Aptitude each having weightage of 10 marks. The question will be of up to 10th Standard.

(b) PART-B will consist of 80 marks of NCVT syllabus for the relevant trade.

All the questions will be compulsory. There will be no negative marking.

The subject of the written examination, the maximum marks allotted to each paper, no. of questions and the time allowed is given in the table below :

Subject No. of Questions Maximum Marks Time Allowed
Part A (Objective Type) 1. General Science (10) Questions

2. Quantitative Aptitude (10 Questions)

10 Marks

10 Marks

2 Hrs
Part B (Objective Type)

Questions from the NCVT Syllabus of relevant trade

80 Questions 80 Marks
Total 100 Questions 100 Marks

Note :

1. The paper would be bilingual, i.e. it would be printed in Hindi as Well as English.

2. The paper would be required to darken the circles in the OMR sheets.

3. Candidates would be required to darken the circles in the OMR sheet with Black pen. OMR sheets marked in pencil would be rejected outright.

4. No marks would be allotted for questions in which  multiple darkening has been done in the OMR Sheet.


(A) General Science (10 Questions)

Questions will be aimed at testing the candidate's General Awareness of the environment around him. Question will also be designated to test knowledge of basic science studied upto 10th Standard and would include such matters of every day observations and experience as may be expected of any educated person.

(B) Quantitative Aptitude (10 Questions)

The candidate will be general mathematic of upto 10th Standard involving number systems, equations in two variables, simple and compound interest, perimeter, area and volume of geometrical figures, Direct and inverse proportions, Pythagoras theorem and trigonometry.

(C) NCVT Trade (80 Questions)

Questions from the NCVT Syllabus of relevant trade.